A Time for Crows is about Joe Joyce, a schizophrenic vigilante who’s partnered up with the voice inside his head to fight monsters.

Eddy—the voice—has his perks, sure. He points out every single good-looking woman. He one-ups with the best of them. He’s even Joe’s self-appointed shrink. But Eddy’s real perk is he can see energy lines—energetic footprints, lies, magic.

Now, supernatural schemers have sacrificed eleven redheaded women. The police think a serial killer is prowling, kidnapping, killing. But Joe’s tracked down solid evidence that some fiend has kicked off a ritual straight out of a medieval French grimoire. If completed, the complex spell will grant the psychotic ritual master almost godlike powers—never a good idea. And if there’s one thing Joe and Eddy can agree upon—it’s crapping on an evil plan.

All the ritual needs is two more girls. But as Joe and Eddy continue to interfere, question is, who does the ritual master want more—the girls or Joe?

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