It has been said that to try to attempt to define truth is folly.

Perhaps this is so. But I think that there are some definitions of truth that are actually quite helpful to understand and to define, but which are, more importantly, true.

Partly why I believe it is important to define truth is because in the quest for truth, if it is undefinable, then perhaps it can never be found. Please note that I’m not saying that it is unfindable if it is undefinable, but that perhaps it is. These are two entirely different points.

And maybe that’s what makes the pursuit of truth so hard. There is a certain vastness to truth a certain depth that is only felt when a person truly submerses him or herself into the pursuit of truth. If you have a preconceived belief of what truth is, truth becomes that much more elusive.

Another problem is that most people’s definition of truth is actually false because it’s based on the definition of fact or law or reality rather than of truth. The problem–or at least a problem, there are many–with defining truth based on the concept of reality is that reality is a study in perception rather than truth. See, science is discovering that what we term as reality is actually malleable. And because it’s malleable, can it be defined as true? I contend that it can’t.

But this isn’t the article for various ways of reasoning or pointing out fallacies or what have you.


This is an article sharing three definitions of truth as I have been coming to know truth.

It’s taken years and years, perhaps lifetimes, to deliver these definitions. They have come after years and years of questioning everything without expectation of result other than to expect that by questioning I would come closer to finding truth.

These definitions seem simple at first, but they are profound and deep. And upon serious reflection, I think you’ll agree.

Here goes. Here are three definitions of truth, that are true.

1. Truth is the only thing that belief cannot change.

2. Truth is God.

3. Truth is how a person experiences God in the sphere in which that person is in.