Have you ever looked at your life and felt there was something missing? Or that there was so much more that you knew you knew, but just couldn’t seem to grasp it?

A few years ago, I felt this huge hole in me that I was missing a part of who I was. I got pretty tired of the same answers I’d been given, like have more faith, read my scriptures more, pray more, meditate more–I was doing all of those things, and the hole only seemed to grow. I got even more tired of the self-help books and courses that didn’t have any of the proverbial fruit.

I’m not sure how many self-help books, or courses I looked into, all I can say is, I looked into a lot. Many of the courses I returned in part because it was either a regurgitation, or because it screamed hack to me. A common thread was that many of these programs or books would up-sell and say, in essence, “This is great stuff, but if you really want to go in depth, then check out my other book on the subject.” And so I would, and it would say the same thing: “If you really want to understand this, then check out this _____.”

In short, it got me pretty annoyed.

So, I basically said screw it, and decided I was going to figure out my own spiritual path that helped me fill the hole. One of these things was learning how to pull light.

Now, I was pretty familiar with meditation at this point, as well as our energy bodies. Heck, when I was a kid, I saw auras on a consistent basis (not the colors, mind you, just the white haze or sheen around everyone, which some call the prana field). I’d even seen chakras a time or two. Chakras fascinated me–and I kept coming across videos, blogs, books, courses, and other crap that said they’d show me how to use them. But they never did. So, like I said, I figured out how on my own.

I haven’t seen anything like what I’m about to share with you, anywhere.

So, stay tuned for how I learned how in my next–

Just kidding.

It’s all here. I can’t promise that’ll it work for everyone, because I’m not everyone. But there’s a good chance it’ll work for you. Or maybe it’ll spark an idea that’ll work for you.

Learning how to start using my chakras took me all of five minutes. Once I had it down, things started really taking off. Over the past couple of years, I’ve had more peace and happiness than I’ve probably ever had. My friends and family have noticed it. Acquaintances have noticed it. But most importantly–I noticed a difference, and have been filling that hole I talked about. In short, it’s been wonderful.

What you’ll need:

–A desire

–An open mind

–A quiet place where nothing will disturb you

–Zero desperation (desperation kills your ability to connect to anything higher than the    physical)

–A minimal knowledge of chakras, such as where they are in your body, and which direction   they spin


I’m going to break these down into a clear picture of what I mean, because I want to give you the biggest chance of success with this material. I also want to share this technique with as many people as possible.

I’ll also have a few words that contain nuggets, and which, I think will help explicate pulling light even further.

A Word on Price

I used to feel that this material should be free–and let’s be honest, at a buck, it pretty much is. Here was the reasoning I’d use–you don’t tell your child, “Well, sweety, I helped you learn to walk today, and let’s see, that’ll be five dollars.” You don’t do that. Instead, you teach your child how to use her or his body because you love them. The chakra system is a part of your body. I’ve seen chakras. I’ve felt chakras. I know they exist just like I know my arm exists.

But here’s an inherit flaw with the above reasoning: there still is a price. When my wife and I helped teach our children to walk, for example, there was the cost of time, the cost of priority, and others–all of which I was more than happy to give. But there was still the price.

So, what I’ve found is that by doing a small exchange, whether that be time, whether that be money, or something else, it becomes more personal. And the recipient is typically more open to actually read and later use the material–which is really what I want. I want as many people as possible using these techniques.

How does this pertain to pulling light?

There are a number of things, actually. If we use the example of teaching your child to walk, if you’re distracted, if your priorities at the moment are elsewhere (and by that I just mean that whatever you’re focusing on in that moment is your current priority, not your overall priority), that exchange of energy that builds a bond between the two of you won’t be there. It just won’t.

The price of this book really isn’t the money. It’s you’re time. It’s your attention.

But here’s the thing: when you begin pulling light, you are building a relationship with the divine, in a way that is both natural and beautiful. It’s also super powerful, and is, I believe, the gateway–or a gateway–to future bestowments of spiritual gifts. I’ll share with you some of the fruits I’ve seen and experienced by learning how to do this technique.

A Word on What You Put into Your Body

You ever read the book The Secret and read the part where Rhonda Byrne says she eats whatever she wants and remains the perfect weight?

I think that’s awesome.

I also think that most people aren’t yet in the mindset to exercise that much belief and power over their bodies and their food.

So with that in mind, watch what you eat. The purer the ingredients, the easier it is to pull light. It’s pretty simple.

I’ve experimented with this. When I eat a lot of donuts in a day, I can’t pull the light as well. When I eat healthy, then I can. I’ve also found that by drinking kombucha, I can access my higher gifts easier. This probably has to do with several factors, but one of those factors for sure is that probiotics basically talk to the mitochondria in your cells, which then basically tells your body to be happy and feel good. This is a HUGE oversimplification, but for my purposes in this little book, I think it suffices.

Fulvic acid is another thing that helps. It contains all of the trace minerals and basically allows your body to conduct electricity better (again, oversimplifying here), which means a much better/stronger nervous system, cardiovascular system, emotional system, immune system, and so on. It also detoxes your body of all the crap that’s in our current foods and beverages. A good fulvic acid is Sun Warrior’s Liquid Light, and another is Pure Fulvic Minerals. I don’t get paid to advertise for them. I just like them both. Liquid Light is easer on the stomach, but costs more (around $30 a month–but TOTALLY worth it!). Pure Fulvic Minerals is cheaper ($40 for a four-month supply), but you have to take it with food because it’s so concentrated.

I also like staying away from fluoride, which could just be me, but each time I use or have fluorinated products (be it toothpaste or water) I get a headache right in the center of my head–have since I was a kid. I’ve read lots of anecdotal evidence that it calcifies the pineal gland, but I haven’t seen the science. My philosophy is if it helps, use it, if doesn’t, don’t.

You’ve probably heard the saying “the body is the temple of God.” Well it is, and I’ve learned what that means after learning to pull light.

So here goes:

First of all, I got into a meditative state. All this was, was simply taking a few deep, full breaths, and letting the tension out of my body. I can do this pretty quickly in part because I’d used meditation for a while, and also because I’m a writer. If you find meditation difficult, check out some guided meditations and try them until you get the hang of it. It’s easy, and not supposed to be frustrating. If it is–stop–and find something that resonates with you. Mindvalley has some excellent resources–and I don’t get paid to advertise for them, so this is just my own, heartfelt recommendation.

Second of all, focus on one of your fingers, or one of your toes. Move that finger or toe. Now, really concentrate here: what does it feel like to tell that appendage to move? There’s a certain feeling you get when you tell a part of your body to move. Focus on that feeling. Zero in on it. What does it feel like? Don’t focus on moving the appendage, rather focus on what it feels like to tell that appendage how to move, or where to move. If you focus on the telling–and not the doing here–your nerves will begin to build up anticipation to transmit the message. It feels kind of interesting, and, once you move whatever you want to move, that anticipation will be relieved. But remember, it’s the feeling of telling, or commanding, your body to move that’s important. It’s easier, I think, to focus on moving something small so you really have to concentrate and not let the feeling pass you by. Remember, we all had to learn this as children–how to tell our bodies to move–but it’s become so automatic that we don’t even think about it anymore. So, if you can remember the feeling of telling your body to move–then you’re in business.

Third of all, focus on your crown chakra. Use that same feeling you use to tell your body to move–and tell your chakra to open up. You should feel it tingle and begin to enlarge, opening up. Then tell it to close. It’s the same feeling of telling your hand to open and close into a fist.

That’s it. That’s the whole technique.

Like I said, it’s super simple and takes only a few minutes to master–because once you remember how to tell your body to move, once it becomes in the forefront of your mind, you won’t forget it. With just remembering that one simple thing, you can feel each of your chakras.

Now, if you want to pull light into you–and I’ll tell you at the end of this post why it’s a good idea–then add a couple of things.

First, imagine brilliant, white, divine light. You can pull other colors, but I find white is the easiest to start with. So just imagine it–what does white, divine light look like to you? If it’s easier, picture something like Heaven. Then imagine that light beaming down into you.

Open your crown chakra, and use that feeling described earlier, to pull the light into you. It’s just like you pulling a rope with your hand, only it’s your chakra doing the work. Don’t make it complicated by thinking how is this supposed to work, and trying to figure out all of the minutia. There’s a good chance you don’t understand how your body even works such as how the neurons fire, but you can still move your body. All you need to know at this point is that you can–not the how. So, pull the light. You’ll feel it enter you. And it’s pretty awesome.

So, why do you want to do this?

How about having a spiritual experience every day? That feels nice.

How about lifting your mood?

How about boosting your physical strength?

How about helping someone feel better, physically or emotionally?

How about having deeper, more loving relationships?

That last two require one more step–beaming the light out of your heart and into someone else. So, pull the light in through your head till it reaches your heart, then use that same feeling to push it out of your heart. You’re basically creating an “L” shape, or the carpenter’s square–hmm, makes you wonder about those masons, doesn’t it? Anyway, also add in the image of divine light entering your head and going out your heart into the other person. The results can be amazing.

I was in something like a nursing home with my wife’s grandma–we’ll call her Elizabeth. Elizabeth shared a room with another woman, who had dementia. The woman with dementia, we’ll call her Jill, was super upset. Jill was swearing and blaming the nurses for her predicament and letting everyone know she wanted out of this “hellhole.” It got to where I couldn’t talk to Elizabeth anymore because Jill was so loud. Now, I wasn’t annoyed with Jill. I just felt compassion toward her. So, I quickly beamed some light into Jill by doing the above technique.

Instantly, Jill quieted. She apologized for her behavior. She said she loved Elizabeth and was so happy she could share a room with her.

Elizabeth had never seen Jill like that. Not once had Jill told Elizabeth that she loved her. Not once had Jill said truly kind things to Elizabeth. Elizabeth said it was a miracle.

I’ve used this technique on countless people to help them have a better day. And it works.

I’ve even used it on angry dogs to get them to stop barking.

I’ve even used this technique on finding lost items. So instead of seeing someone to beam the light into, I picture the object I need to find and beam the light into my mental picture as though the object is right in front of my chest. And it works for me.

There are so many practical applications of this technique–it’s just wonderful.

I hope this can help you as well.

All the best,