Heart Health Concoction

So if you’ve read some of my other posts, you’ve known I’ve had heart issues. Doc says I’ve got Prinzmetal Angina. I’ve tried a bunch of stuff and I’ve found two things that work: Nitroglycerin “The Concoction” I’m not a doctor. I’m just a guy sharing what’s worked for me. After my heart episode/experience in […]

Carpe Diem a.k.a. I Pretty Much Died

You’ve heard the phrase Carpe Diem. Well, that’s what this post is all about–seizing the day. And here’s why: I pretty much died—you’ll see what I mean. It took nearly dying  to wake me up to the fact that my life needs to be lived how I want. Back when I was fifteen I had an allergic reaction […]

The First Musing

I’m glad you’re here. There’s a lot of sweet stuff here; the first of which is pulling light.

Light Pulling

Have you ever looked at your life and felt there was something missing? Or that there was so much more that you knew you knew, but just couldn’t seem to grasp it? A few years ago, I felt this huge hole in me that I was missing a part of who I was. I got […]